When I’m at my day job working on a project that doesn’t ask much brain power (we all have those projects) I love listening to podcasts. Most of them are either true crime or comedy related (or a combination of both). But a couple of them are podcasts that help me feel inspired and motivated. I thought I’d share a couple of my favourites, because you know, someone else might also enjoy these podcasts. You for example.

Creative Peptalk is definitely one of my favourite podcasts out there. It’s hosted by Andy J. Pizza, who always brings so much energy to his episodes, whether it’s an interview or a solo episode. A lot of his episodes are so full of information I’d need a couple of listens to get everything out of them.

I’m not sure this really counts as a podcast, but Frannerd sends out a audio letter to her Patreons every couple of weeks and I love it! She is so generous in sharing her story and all the doubts and hardships she has while growing her company. It’s so refreshing to hear someone put out real talk about their life as an independent artist.

*Bonus* There’s an episode of Creative Peptalk where Andy interviews Fran. Two of my favourite things meet!

Design Matters is by far one of the best researched and produced podcasts I’ve ever heard. The host is Debbie Millman, who always has the best questions, often surprising her guests with how in-depth her research on them was. Millman & her soothing voice has hosted this podcast for 13 years which means the archive is very extensive!

I know most people will be familiar with Being Boss, but these ladies definitely deserve a place in my list. I’ve been enjoying reading their books for the past couple of days and I’ve always enjoyed listening to their podcast.

3 Point Perspective is a recent discovery of mine. This podcast, hosted by three professional illustrators (Will Terry, Lee White and Jake Parker, talks about their experiences as illustrators and teachers. Having their three different perspectives on different topics (for example: can you do fan art, are you to old to start an illustration career, how to network,…) is really interesting. They also really speak their mind, so you can expect some though love once in a while.

Do you listen or watch something to get your creativity running again? Feel free to share in the comments. I love discovering new podcasts to listen to!