A long time ago, I started my first blog. I can’t recall what the first blog post was about and I doubt it might have helped me write this one. So let’s start with a little introduction. My name is Eline and I want to be a creative entrepreneur.

Let me explain myself. I’m currently employed as a full-time graphic designer at a local start-up. I’ve only been at my job for a couple of months and although I love doing it (and it’s only my first job), I decided even before I found this job that one day I want to be self-employed.

I’ve just finished a long time as a student (trying to become a vet, and failing, getting a master’s degree in communication and doing an extra bachelor in graphic design). It took me years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The longer I was studying the more certain I became of a couple of things:

  • I want a creative job
  • I want to work to live, not live to work
  • I have ever shifting interests
  • I want to keep on learning new things. This is one of my priorities in life

So, considering all those things made me conclude the self employed life is the way to go for me. Being able to be an independent creative person (graphic designer/illustrator/…) and creating my own products are my goals.

I’ll try to be patient, work hard, learn as much as possible, but during the next couple of years I want to work towards those goals. And this blog will basically be my journal for this journey. If you’re in a similar situation or you just want to see what happens, you’re more than welcome to follow along (and maybe say hi in the comments ;)).