Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last update, but with the new year in sight its good to get back into things (before turning them into resolutions). As I love making lists I thought sharing my wish list (and telling everyone it’s the perfect gift guide for all those illustrators and designers in your life) would be a fun thing to do.¬†

Gift Guide for graphic designer and illustrators


I love reading and flipping through new and inspiring books and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I always have a couple of books on my wish list.

Since And Smile Studio talked about this book quite often in het IG Stories I’ve been very intrigued by A Bigger Message: Conversation with David Hockney. It’s written by Martin Gayford.

Michael’s Bierut’s How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better,… has been on my wish list for a while. I already lend it once from the library, but this book is so massive I couldn’t finish it in time.

Another massive book is The Art of Looking Sideways by Allan Fletcher. This book is mentioned on every “books for designers” list ever and I’d love to have this piece of pure inspiration in my home.

Martina Flor is a lovely letterer and I’ve been following her work on Instagram for ages. Last year she wrote The Golden Secrets of Lettering: Letter Design from First Sketch to Final Artwork. It looks pretty awesome and I think it will be the perfect addition to my small collection of books about lettering.

Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures: part 1 and part 2 also have been on my wish list for a while. I’m not saying I’m going into animation, but I think these books are wonderful to learn about movement in illustration.

Gift Guide for graphic designer and illustrators


I have a lot of notebooks, but I never had a Moleskine before. And this Moleskine Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Notebook looks so pretty! I prefer the ones with blank pages, because you never know when you suddenly feel like drawing. 

When I saw the Uniball Pastel Posca PC3 set for the first time my hands started itching. I would love to take these bad boys on a spin and create the cutest art work.

Talking about making my hands itch, every time I see someone paint with gouache I really want to give it a try. I have some old high school tubes that I can barely use, so this set of Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache  would be really welcome.

I believe golden ink was also on last year’s gift guide for designers and illustrators, but it’s still on my wish list. Golden ink by Liquitex.

A foldable plastic palette for paint is something I can’t find in my local stores, but it would be so useful for putting together a palette of gouache colours. This one is from Reeves.

Gift Guide for graphic designer and illustrators


I’ve been struggling a bit with the lights on my desk. I have quite a broad desk and none of the lamps I own light the desk well. So I’ve been on the look out for a pretty desk lamp who can enlighten my desk completely and I think I found it in this Jield√© look-a-like.

I already put a Led light table in last year’s gift guide, but this year I really became convinced I need one of those bad babies. Redrawing illustrations is so much easier with a light box, especially if you want to do water colours.

What I want (I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want) is an iPad Pro with and Apple Pencil. Or the new Windows Surface Book 2. But those are pretty expensive, so I would be happy with a simple stylus for some sketching on my Samsung Galaxy tab 2. I’ve done some research and the Adonit Jot Pro looks like the best option from my tablet.

So, that’s it for me. What’s on your wish list? Or is there anything I’m missing on mine and I should definitely invest in?